Learn about how to use English Library and participate in English reading program

  • Target : elementary/middle/high school groups and special class/special school application (excluding private academies)
  • Operation hours per group
    day Mon
    (3,4 weeks that)
    Tue Wed Thu Fri Place
    Time none 10:00-10:40 10:00-10:40 10:00-10:40
    Dream World
- 40 minutes - introduction of English Library, how to use, and English class by a native-speaker instructor (class is conducted with story book or English newspaper depending on the level of the audience; only writing supplies required)
- Experience programs are subject to change depending on the library’s circumstances, and activities using the library after the experience program are available depending on the school’s plan.
- click the Apply button below, and click on the corresponding date and time to apply
Allowed size of browsing group per day
- 20 persons per group
- 1 experience per group within 1 month in principle
- if a school wishes to participate in the experience program for twice or more,
  you can apply 1 month after the 1st experience
(however, you can apply if it is a different group from the same school)
- The supervisor of the group applying for group free browsing should store the personal items
  of students in the lockers (at the library entrance, 100 KRW coin needed) on the visit day before
  entering the library.
- Follow the guide of library entrance, ASK HERE to lead the students to Dream World and browse the books
- Since there is no special guidance by the library employee during the free browsing activities of students after library visit class,
  the sole responsibility regarding the safety and all activities of the students belongs to the supervising teacher.
- The students on library visits are restricted from using Cyber Pool (using internet, watching DVD)
- For membership card issuance during library visit, call the special line (☎ 818-2860).
- For group testing of SRI during library visit, call the special line (☎ 818-2866).
Various programs are available only for Busan residents and those who study/work in Busan.