This is a program for preschoolers to increase interest in English and improve of listening ability by watching English-subtitled animation.

  • Participants : Preschoolers (All children must be accompanied by a parent or caregiver)
  • Application : Seating available on a first come, first served
  • Time : Every Saturday,Sunday (11:30-12:30)
  • Location : Dream world
    (※ as circumstances require, we can limit the number of participants)
  • Animation of the month
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게시판 목록
image Movie info
Condorito 이미지
title Condorito
director Alex Orrelle, Eduardo Schuldt
Play time 1h28min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-04-27
Screening date(Sun) 2019-04-28
Early Man 이미지
title Early Man
director Nick Park
Play time 1h29min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-04-20
Screening date(Sun) 2019-04-21
Top Cat 이미지
title Top Cat
director Andrés Couturier
Play time 1h29min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-04-13
Screening date(Sun) 2019-04-14
director Benoît Godbout, Jean-François Pouliot
Play time 1h11min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-04-06
Screening date(Sun) 2019-04-07
Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart 이미지
title Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart
director Stéphane Berla
Play time 1h 34min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-03-30
Screening date(Sun) 2019-03-31
A Cat In Paris 이미지
title A Cat In Paris
director Jean-Loup Felicioli
Play time 1h 10min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-03-23
Screening date(Sun) 상영없음(Reading Star)
Missing Lynx 이미지
title Missing Lynx
director Raul Garcia
Play time 1h 37min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-03-16
Screening date(Sun) 2019-03-17
Monster Family 이미지
title Monster Family
director Holger Tappe
Play time 1h 33min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-03-09
Screening date(Sun) 2019-03-10
Woody Woodpecker 이미지
title Woody Woodpecker
director Alex Zamm
Play time 1h 31min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-03-02
Screening date(Sun) 2019-03-03
Peter Rabbit 이미지
title Peter Rabbit
director Will Gluck
Play time 1h35min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-02-23
Screening date(Sun) 2019-02-24
Frog Kingdom 이미지
title Frog Kingdom
director Nelson Shin
Play time 1h17min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-02-16
Screening date(Sun) 2019-02-17
Megamind 이미지
title Megamind
director Tom McGrath
Play time 1h35min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-02-09
Screening date(Sun) 2019-02-10
Spark: A Space Tail 이미지
title Spark: A Space Tail
director Aaron Woodley
Play time 1h32min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-02-02
Screening date(Sun) 2019-02-03
The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale 이미지
title The Swan Princess: A Royal Family Tale
director Richard Rich
Play time 1h23min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-01-26
Screening date(Sun) 2019-01-27
Gnomeo & Juliet 이미지
title Gnomeo & Juliet
director Kelly Asbury
Play time 1h 24min
Screening date(Sat) 2019-01-19
Screening date(Sun) 2019-01-20
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